Criminal Tax Fraud

Have you recently been contacted by an IRS Special Agent from IRS Criminal Investigation? Are you the subject of a criminal investigation, a witness, or a suspect? The firm defends individuals in IRS criminal investigations including tax fraud cases. These cases typically deal with allegations of:

  • Attempts to evade or defeat the assessment of a tax or the payment of a tax (“tax evasion”)
  • Fraud and false statements
  • Failure to report income
  • Fraudulent deductions
  • Failure to file returns

The matters that the firm handles include:

  • Interviews of targets and witnesses
  • Special agent investigations
  • Informant and whistle-blower cases
  • Summonses by IRS criminal investigation
  • Search warrants
  • Federal grand jury proceedings
  • Trial and court related activities
  • Asset seizure and forfeiture
  • IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program

Voluntary Disclosures

The firm has successfully represented clients seeking to avoid the risk of criminal prosecution by making a voluntary disclosure to the Internal Revenue Service. A voluntary disclosure enables non-compliant taxpayers to resolve their tax liabilities and minimize their chance of criminal prosecution.