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Women in Tax: The Group Supporting Female Tax Practitioners

Steven WalkerJanuary 18, 2024

Walk-Law attorney Philip Wolf recently published an article in the International, Federal, State, and Local sections of the prestigious journal Tax Notes, titled Women in Tax: The Group Supporting Female Tax Practitioners.[1] In the article, Wolf (who was selected to be a regular columnist for Tax Notes) interviews tax practitioners from a series of international professional groups called Women in Tax. These Women in Tax groups aim to provide a space for women to join forces with other like-minded female tax practitioners and share strategies for how to be successful in the tax field.

Walk-Law’s interview with professionals from these Women in Tax groups sheds light on their journeys and experiences, highlighting the challenges faced by female tax practitioners in Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Despite progress, issues such as gaining technical tax excellence while balancing work and family responsibilities and the fact that women are still often passed over for promotions at higher levels continue to persist. The Women in Tax initiative seeks to address these challenges by encouraging mentorship, networking, and support. The interviewees stress the importance of male colleagues actively participating in these efforts to promote gender equality in the tax profession.

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